Looking scary

Sharp edges

It keeps people away

No one wants to talk to you


No stress or anxiety

Until you realize you have no friends

No friends

Depression only

Then you find someone

Who really likes flowers

Regardless of what they look like

And with that person you can bloom



There are these rules that tell us

Boys can’t like flowers

So then we are turned away

Sports are what we are supposed to like

But once you sit down in front of a flower

And really stare at it

You realize these beautiful plants

Contain so much complexity

So many colors

Shapes designed over years of adaptation

But because I am a boy I can not appreciate it

Thank you world



The Heron

A graceful hunter

An observant animal

Carefully it watches

Slowly it moves

Then like a bullet

In and Out

It catches prey

Once sensing danger

With these slow, careful movements

It glides over the water

For safety and food


A Vow of Silence


I talked to a man today

He was talking about the land

The water

But he was not allowed to talk

About what was happening

“Magic” he said

He could not talk about Global Warming

Freedom of Speech

We as a country created this right

But now we aren’t following it

This country is backwards

This world is backwards

Dead Tree


Here I stand

A dead tree

The world moves on around me

Life, I am surrounded

Yet I am hollow

I am not me

I am a dead tree

But life moves on



You can hide in plain sight

A natural protection

We use it too

We act differently so we fit in

I am guilty

You are guilty

It is not easy being yourself

In a world where people will stomp on you

Unless you can use Camouflage



Far away from his home

How did he get here?

It does not matter

He has his shell

He can go wherever he wants

I am jealous

I am like a snail

I need to stay home in order to have



Beauty in Danger


Risk is scary

It’s hard to do something without much thought

My mind is always racing

But my most favorite memories

Are from the risks I take

Beauty in Danger

Rubber Footprint


At this point

We might as well called it

Our rubber footprint

We are stomping on all of nature

With our rubber soles

And we keep making better ones

Regardless of the cost

It’s not until we start walking all over ourselves

That we will realize what the problem is